Picking Flowers - a Hands-on FLEUR Tutorial

We are very happy to invite you to the 2023 incarnation of the FLEUR hands-on tutorial. After several years on online events, we will have a onsite meeting this time, so we are looking foward to seeing you in Jülich this spring. This event targets at new as well as more experienced users of the FLEUR code who want to learn in an interactive manner the usage of the code.

Overview of the event:

  • 8th of May until 12th of May.
  • We will offer a session with talks on FLEUR related topics in the morning of each day.
  • In the afternoon we will have hands-on sessions each day demonstrating the use of the code and giving participants the change to discuss with developers and presenters.


Please visit the website at CECAM for registration.

Venue and organisational hints

  • The tutorial will take place the the Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany.
  • We will post some links to recommended hotels here later.
  • There is no registration fee. However, we will ask you to send us details on your hotel reservation later on, so that we can organize efficient transfers.
  • Please be aware that we cannot offer financial support to participants, so you have to cover the travel and hotel costs by yourself.


We acknowledge funding and support by

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