The Jülich FLAPW code family: FLEUR
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Downloads of the FLEUR code

Within the Symbol - externer LinkMaX project we created a series of FLEUR-releases which can be downloaded here:

Known problems in these Releases can be found here.

The AiiDA-interface of FLEUR can be found on Symbol - externer Linkgithub.

A virtual machine with all MaX-codes and AiiDA installed can be found on Symbol - externer Linkgithub as well.

After downloading the source we strongly recommend to have a look at the Documentation.

Releases of older FLEUR versions:

(You have to register first to obtain a userID for these Downloads)

Here you can download the FLEUR code

Useful helpers

Please note that assembly of these script is a task i.tgz Version 0.25n progress.
The contents of this archive are preliminary and may change with time.
Currently, it contains: scripts band3xmgr and, program sortbands.f.
  • Symbol - externer LinkArchive Current as of Sep 16, 2009
containing an external program for the analysis of the SOC matrix elements when calculating spin-spirals + SOC.

Beta versions

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