FLEUR: The Jülich FLAPW code family
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07/2018: MaX-3 FLEUR release
On Jun 29th we released a new FLEUR version. Check the Downloads-page for details.

11/2017: MaX-2.1 FLEUR release
On Nov 30th we released a new FLEUR version. Check the Downloads-page for details.

06/2017: New FLEUR release
On June 27th we released a new FLEUR version. Check the Notes for details.

01/2017: FLEUR tutorial in May 2017
In the beginning of May we will host a hands-on tutorial on FLEUR. Please visit Symbol - externer Linkthe CECAM site of the school for details. The program is available here.

08/2016: First MaX Release of FLEUR
First Release of FLEUR within Symbol - externer LinkMaX Project can be found on the download page.

05/2015: Comparing Solid State DFT Codes
71 elemental inputs for comparing FLEUR with other DFT codes in the framework of the Symbol - externer LinkDelta project are available on the Examples page of our documentation section.

09/2014: juDFT: hands-on workshop
From 22nd -26th September 2014 we will have a CECAM hands-on workshop. We will present codes from Jülich with a strong focus on FLEUR.

07/2011: New Web-forum launched:
We now have a web-forum at which registered users can submit questions and discuss any relevant FLEUR-issue.

10/2010: Muffin-tin recipies: the Fleur hands-on Workshop
We are currently planing a hands-on tutorial for Fleur users. Starting from the basics we will also cover advanced topics such as non-collinear magnetism, hybrid functionals or electronic transport. We applied for funding and reserved the week 7th-11th Feb. 2011. Check the FLEUR webpage for updates!

02/2010: ASE interface for FLEUR
Former FLEUR developer J. Enkovaara constructed an interface to the Symbol - externer LinkAtomic Simulation Environment. It provides basic functionality to run FLEUR from ASE.

02/2009: Wannier feature in FLEUR available
You can use FLEUR now to calculate Wannier functions: the version wann_v25c can be downloaded from the download page. Documentation is available on the specific pages.

02/2008: New member of the Fleur family: Spex-Fleur
Spex-Fleur, the latest addition to the Jülich FLAPW code family, allows to calculate quasiparticle energies, optical and EELS spectra, etc. using the GW approximation, RPA and TDDFT. See the Spex-Fleur webpage for details.

01/2008: Quest for new Logo
We are looking for a new FLEUR logo. Some suggestions are shown on different parts of the webpage. Please comment!

10/2007: FLEUR pages relaunch
As you can see we started a major relaunch of the FLEUR pages. Your registration is still valid, please use the Login - Link at the upper right corner.

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