The FLEUR group

A lot of people contributed to the code. The main work is done within the group in Juelich.

Current contributors to the development of FLEUR include:

Stefan Blügel
Gustav Bihlmayer
Daniel Wortmann
Gregor Michalicek
Uliana Alekseeva
Christoph Friedrich
Marjana Lezaic
Frank Freimuth

Former group members:

We are also indebted to earlier contributions:

Marcus Heide, Manfred Niesert, Arno Schindlmayr, Jussi Enkovaara, Yuri Mokrousov, Philipp Kurz, Xiliang Nie, Friedrich Foerster, Sean Clarke, Robert Abt, Alexander Shick, Rossitza Pentcheva, Markus Betzinger, Martin Schlipf

FLAPW Collaborations:

Parts of the code were developed in collaboration with other groups.