These sections of the tutorial aim at demonstrating the use of the AiiDA Framework with FLEUR. The main target is to learn how to create and configure inputs, submit calculations and analyse results using AiiDA.

If you are running the tutorial on Binder or with less than 1 GB of RAM, the tutorial will most likely not work correctly

AiiDA Example: Calculating an equation of state

More detailed Tutorials

AiiDA1: AiiDA data types and verdi commands

AiiDA2: AiiDA and FLEUR inp.xml

AiiDA3: Modifying inp.xml

AiiDA4: Using inpgen

AiiDA5: Using FLEUR

AiiDA6: Basic Workchains

AiiDA7: Advanced Workchains and HTC

Important: If you are using this tutorial in our docker container you have to execute the following line before starting the tutorial