Approaches, methods, developments, and investigations in the environment of the FLAPW method and also implementations in the Fleur code have been published in many journal articles. If your publication relies on such work please study it to learn about the details and remember to cite the respective articles. If you used FLEUR for your work please always cite the website, the (version-independent) Zenodo entry for FLEUR, and mention the used FLEUR version. It follows a list of references that may be of relevance here:

Example Bibtex entry:

  author = {},
  title = {{The FLEUR project}},
  howpublished = {\url{}}

Special journal demands

Some journals may ask for a year for every reference. You can always add the date or year of your last access of the website, e.g., add a line directly below the title line like "year = 2023,".

  • D. Wortmann, G. Michalicek, N. Baadji, M. Betzinger, G. Bihlmayer, J. Bröder, T. Burnus, J. Enkovaara, F. Freimuth, C. Friedrich, C.-R. Gerhorst, S. Granberg Cauchi, U. Grytsiuk, A. Hanke, J.-P. Hanke, M. Heide, S. Heinze, R. Hilgers, H. Janssen, D.A. Klüppelberg, R. Kovacik, P. Kurz, M. Lezaic, G.K.H. Madsen, Y. Mokrousov, A. Neukirchen, M. Redies, S. Rost, M. Schlipf, A. Schindlmayr, M. Winkelmann and S. Blügel, FLEUR, Zenodo, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.7576163 (2023)

Example Bibtex entry:

  author       = {Wortmann, Daniel and Michalicek, Gregor and Baadji, Nadjib and Betzinger, Markus and Bihlmayer, Gustav and Br\"oder, Jens and Burnus, Tobias and Enkovaara, Jussi and Freimuth, Frank and Friedrich, Christoph and Gerhorst, Christian-Roman and Granberg Cauchi, Sabastian and Grytsiuk, Uliana and Hanke, Andrea and Hanke, Jan-Philipp and Heide, Marcus and Heinze, Stefan and Hilgers, Robin and Janssen, Henning and Kl\"uppelberg, Daniel Aaaron and Kovacik, Roman and Kurz, Philipp and Lezaic, Marjana and Madsen, Georg K. H. and Mokrousov, Yuriy and Neukirchen, Alexander and Redies, Matthias and Rost, Stefan and Schlipf, Martin and Schindlmayr, Arno and Winkelmann, Miriam and Bl\"ugel, Stefan},
  title        = {{FLEUR}},
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  publisher    = {Zenodo},
  doi          = {10.5281/zenodo.7576163},
  url          = {},
  howpublished  = {Zenodo}

Other citation entry formats

If you need the citation entry in a different format, please directly use the citation tools for the last version-dependent FLEUR version at Zenodo or at JuSER and adjust especially the URL and DOI manually to the version-independent entries.