Open positions

At the Peter Grünberg Institute (Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany), Quantum theory of materials, we are preparing ourselfs for the upcoming exascale computer to be deployed in Jülich early 2025. Our DFT code FLEUR, developed in-house since many years, is one of the European lighthouse codes for simulations of materials properties for large and complex systems. To strengthen our efforts we are looking for a postdoc and a PhD candidate.

The tasks of the new team members will be either:

  • to develop the FLEUR code further with respect to its capabilities for hybrid computing architectures,


  • to create scientific exascale workflows which use the FLEUR code to simulate complex magnetic and/or electronic materials properties.

The ideal candidates should have previous experience in either HPC simulations and the programming of accelerated platforms and/or the use of DFT codes.

Both positions will be funded by the MaX centre of excellence in limited time contracts (2-3 years postdoc, 3 years PhD).

Please send your application or further inquiries to