MLWFs with SOC and MLWFs for noncollinear magnets

In noncollinear magnets and systems with SOC the eigenfunctions are spinors with a spin-up component and a spin-down component. Likewise, the MLWFs are constructed as spinors. Therefore, only one set of MLWFs is generated, and the seedname is WF1.

For calculations with spin-orbit coupling and noncollinear calculations there are always two spin-channels (even for a nonmagnetic soc-calculation) and both spin-channels are treated at the same time. Consequently, the files WF1.mmn, WF1.amn and contain the information on both spin-channels and there are no files "WF2.mmn" and "WF2.amn". Also, the file proj contains now the information on both spin channels. As both spin-channels are coupled, there is only one eigenvalue-spectrum compared to the two eigenvalue-spectrums (one of minority and one of majority) of a standard collinear magnetic calculation. This has to be taken into consideration when counting and selecting the bands from which the Wannier functions are constructed.