In order to try FLEUR we provide a container image in which we explain the usage of FLEUR. This approach has the advantage that it will provide you with a fully functional "virtual environment" in which you can use FLEUR and try out the different tutorials.

Tutorial on the web

We are grateful users of the mybinder.org service for providing a tutorial version ready to run in your browser. Simply try it out:Binder

Tutorial using your own resources

To access the tutorial using the docker image please follow the folling instructions.

  1. To start the tutorial, please install docker or a similar environment for running a software container. You might want to use the original docker software found here or e.g. podman.

  2. Please use the small shell-script we small shell-script we provide here. Please download the script and execute it with bash fleur_tutorial.sh. If you experience problems with the script finding your docker/podman executable, please do DOCKER=path_to_your_docker bash fleur_tutorial.sh. The script will then download the tutorial, start the container environment and provide you with a link which you should open in your browser.
    (If you run into trouble using the script, you might also perform the steps needed to use the container manually. First you download the image using docker pull judft/future:noAiiDA followed by starting the container by docker run -p8888:8888 judft/future:noAiiDA. Then you have to scan the output of the last command to find a link of the form and open it in your browser.)

Tutorial contains different subjects, is provided in the form of jupyter notebooks.

Tutorial on the web pages

The same content presented in the notebooks can also be accessed here:


Download of the tutorial

You can also download the tutorial containing the notebooks, a html-version of the tutorial and the additional files as a compressed tar-file here.

Older tutorial

If you are interested in older tutorial, you will find these here. Please note however, that these might no longer be applicable to current versions of FLEUR.