Videos of talks introducing FLEUR

Here you find a collection of talks used in the Online Hands-on tutorial 2021 to introduce FLEUR MaXR5.1. In most cases pdf-files of the transparencies are also provided.

For older videos you might want to check this page.

Title Downloads Speaker
Density Functional Theory video pdf Stefan Blügel
DFT methods video pdf Daniel Wortmann
The all-electron FLAPW method video pdf Gregor Michalicek
Basic FLEUR workflows video pdf Gregor Michalicek
Forces in FLEUR video pdf Alexander Neukirchen
Basic Magnetism video pdf Robin Hilgers
Spin-orbit Coupling video pdf Gustav Bihlmayer
Advanced Magnetism video pdf Daniel Wortmann
How to obtain high-quality results with Fleur video pdf Gregor Michalicek
Wannier functions video pdf Dongwook Go
Band unfolding video Stefan Rost
Parallel FLEUR video pdf Uliana Alekseeva
Introduction to AiiDA video Francisco Fernando Ramirez
AiiDA-FLEUR video pdf Jens Bröder
AiiDA-FLEUR workflows video pdf Vasily Tseplyaev
XC functionals video pdf Gustav Bihlmayer
Many-body perturbation theory: The GW approximation video Christoph Friedrich
Combining GW and GT self-energies video Dmitrii Nabok
Hubbard U parameters from constrained random-phase approximation video Christoph Friedrich
Hybrid functionals video Matthias Redies
FLEUR@GPU video Uliana Alekseeva
LDA+U video Henning Janssen