Fleur workshop 2019 (picking flowers) - Tutorial

In September 2019 we hosted a Hands-on tutorial on using FLEUR.Photo

Program of the tutorial

The tutorial featured lectures in the morning and hands-on tutorial sessions in the afternoon. The slides and video recordings of the lectures can be found below.

Presentation Author Video
DFT and electronic structure methods Mariana Lezaic
The LAPW method Gregor Michalicek
Forces, Density functional perturbation theory Christian-Roman Gerhorst No video
Magnetism Daniel Wortmann
Spin-orbit physics Gustav Bihlmayer
Wannier functions Jan-Philipp Hanke
Band unfolding Stefan Rost
The AiiDA framework Jens Bröder
The AiiDA-FLEUR plugin Vasily Tseplyaev
HPC and FLEUR Uliana Alekseeva
Exchange and Correlation Matthias Redies
The GW Approximation Christoph Friedrich
Hubbard U from constrained RPA Christoph Friedrich
Advanced Magnetism Markus Hoffmann
Topological effects Yuriy Mokrousov

Hands-on part

In the hands-on part of the tutorial we covered several aspects concerning the use of FLEUR. For self-study, detailed descriptions are available here below.

day topic
day 1 First steps
day 2 Magnetism
day 3 Fleur with Aiida
day 4 Calculations with Spex